The Power of Your One Thing

What is the one thing that only you can do, and do it exceptionally well, that will have the biggest impact on you and others?

            What if we all did this?  Decided to focus, to become the powerhouse we are meant to be, and decided to put in the effort, the effectiveness, the chunks of time, the commitment, the resolve, the determination, to fulfill a promise (that real promise) that we make to and with ourselves?

            Why not decide today, to work on that gift you have, that no one else has, that if given attention (room to grow) that one gift, when you work on it, treat it as your craft, then that craft, the gift, that focus, would raise an army, create a movement, engage a following, that will circumvent the world; that will start and finish your mission you have here on Earth.

            “Work on your gifts and they will make room for you.” — Jim Rohn.  What a wondrous and beautiful idea.

But what is that gift, what is it, that only you can do, and do it with élan, with spirit, with inspired energy (and with consistency) so that it creates the results you desire, that are burning in your heart, that will make a real difference in your life and the lives of others?

            This day, hone that one thing, that one talent, write it on paper.  Determine what that gift truly is, realize and focus on your calling, your most prized gift that can elevate you, and your experience of your life.  Believe you know or can discover that one thing that will fill you with energy and resolve and commitment to leave a trail of awe and wonder in your wake.

            Do this today.  Write it out.  Speak it out loud.  Believe it with everything you’ve got.  Now get busy doing it, expressing it, charming your spirit to serve this higher purpose that will leave the rest of your life as a rocket that finally took off, a dream that came to pass, a legend that finally awakened inside of you (your untapped potential).  Zoom your way to the top.  Scale the mountains in your mind. 

Begin now to leave that message (your message) that inspire others to work, yes work on their gifts, as these gifts then will make room for you, for your potential, for your idyllic and idealistic truth that is beating in your heart, that will be done, will be expressed, will be noticed. 

Then you will have the impact that you know (you absolutely know) in your heart, will be achieved.

            Do this and you will live the extraordinary and enchanted life, instead of pretending.

Books to read that have inspired some of these ideas: Twelve Pillars by Jim Rohn.  The One Thing, by Gary Keller; Goals by Brian Tracy; The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.