The Power to Produce

In this world, in your life, what is it that you want to see happen, to get done? What is it that would be a measuring stick for your success?  What is it that you know, if you did it, did it well, created this result, you obviously would go: “Wow, now isn’t this amazing!”

            Do you really know the difference between activity and productivity, between moving around and moving mountains, between doing a thing, and getting a progressive result, between playing house and playing to win, between being a pretender or a contender?

            Today, are you committed to get a result, maybe one specific result?  Say in business, what are the measurables?  What are the key points, key results?  Can you identify and measure and track your key performance indicators?  

            To grow a dream, you need revenues; you need to know the numbers, the ways to track progress. 

So often, people believe, showing up is success.  Being there is half the game.  Being nice and caring is what we all need to do.  But if you are not willing to make something happen, increase sales, get new customers, grow more effective and productive leaders, create better systems, then, (as it fits in the business model) — are you not just spinning your wheels,  spinning tall tales that have no impact?

            The power to produce is the power inside of you to inspire, to create something that matters to happen: A goal, an achievement, a company’s % of growth, butts in the seats in a seminar, real, bottom line numbers that are exciting not anemic.

Don’t do more of the things that don’t matter.  Don’t achieve massive results in areas no one cares about.  Do not do a thing that has little or no impact, that gets you perhaps around the block when you need to go around the world.

            This day, commit yourself to produce. Get crystal clear on what you want to make happen.  And go about your business, like a madman, like a monomaniac, a focused visionary, creating what you want to happen. Get it to show up (really appear) in your real, physical world.

Do this in your business world, in with your family and relationships, in all aspects of your life.  Don’t just get by, or get through.  Don’t use more excuses, or use time as a waste byproduct.

           Instead, produce.  Produce a dream. Produce success.  But most importantly, produce the income that will fuel those dreams.  Revenues grow things; they are the foundation of the physical world.   Just believe you can do it.  Believe it is going to happen.  Believe that, no matter what, with resolve and resplendent honor, with courage and determination, you absolutely will get your desired results.

Believing in the power to produce, to get a result, to make what you want to happen to happen, is pure, personal power.  Believe you can do a thing, not tomorrow, not soon, but today, right now, at this moment, in this instant; then you will feel overwhelming excitement as this real production releases endorphins.

            Do this, embrace this power to produce and you will become the most valuable person in your circle of influence.  You will realize this is a fun, creating vacation (you are manufacturing) on beautiful planet Earth.