The Richest Are in the Ratios

How bad do you want to succeed? Is it merely an idea that you toy with? Or is it a burning desire that you absolutely want? Do you have the determination and disciple to create what you want?
How about this, from Scaling Up, Verne Harnish: “We have the answers, all the answers: it is the question we do not know.”
I say the question (in growing revenues) is: What is my ratio? Do you even have a clue? And if the ratio doesn’t or hasn’t appeared, it is because you are not even attempting to understand it, to track it, to find the theme, the continuation or metrics of that ratio.
Why not realize, discover, uncover, how to play the wealthiest game in town? And what is that? The game of seeing your ratio in what you do, in getting new clients, so as to create something remarkable to happen.
Sure, this first question should be: What do I want? What do I want to have happen?
Get clear: Clear on your purpose, your focus, your mission, the aligning of all your actions with the gifts and talents you have; then (and only then) begin to take steps in the direction of your dreams.
Getting to your dreams — can be tracked. You can find the ratio, a way of getting to them, by tracking and measuring, tacking in the wind, setting the sail, maneuvering, adjusting: But where is the ratio, the numbers, the mathematics, the measuring of effort that results always in a result? Believe it is there and it will appear.
So get excited about finding your ratio, one out of ten, two out of ten, and then use that ratio to put in the effort, the actions needed to make something happen, to make what you want to have happen, really, actually, magically, show up in your physically show world. Effort always equals results when there is a clear line of sight, a clear path to be followed, tracked, watched, and analyzed.
Why is it that so few people do this? Why is it such a simple concept, and yet, only the highly productive, highly profitable, highly determined few will do this?
Because only a few want to be accountable; many want excuses. They want reasons, justifications on why all their displaced and good intensions result in almost nothing. For to measure effort, actions, especially sales calls (prospecting &networking) is to know your ratio.
When you contact two people in a week, and you get no new clients; then you are looking for all the reasons why you are not getting results, not helping your company grow, not making your dreams happen, it is simple: You are not putting in the massive and concentrated and focused effort.
And here is the most profound idea I have heard all month: “Too many people are being attracted to their distractions.” Wow! John Addison said that.
Track your numbers: You will see a ratio appear. You may not want to see it. But it may tell you: “Hey, it is time to do something.” Quit taking meek and marginal action. Prove it, on paper, with numbers, with metrics, that you finally did something spectacular; you took massive action, this day, this week.
Manage your distractions so well, you get the results you desire.
And what happens when you take massive action, in the right direction, with the right attitude, with the right resolve?
You will always get the results you deserve. Always!
Do little, get little. Use excuses; create more frustration, fractured, diffused and diffracted energy.
Do what you know you should, the difficult stuff, the prospecting, the chunks of time in digging for gold, and you will see the results you desire. The right things begin to happen, to elevate your station, to inspire you and those who are in your wake.
Get into the game, by seeking to see your real ratio. Do this and you have a system, a pattern of success that does not lie. Do this and you have your answer to the right question: How do I get the results I want?
Oh, by the way, yes, this takes ambition. Do you have some?
“Momentum is earned.” – GP. Results fuel higher achievement.
Are you willing to do what it takes to thrive? Yes?
Then track your numbers.