The Seven Day Chunk

Ok, first and foremost, as long as we enjoy every moment, we are on the right track. Second, 7 is a lucky number!
With that said, life is a lot easier when you do things, the most important things, first each day, taking the first most important activity, the one that has the biggest impact on your day, and do it and keep doing it, and get it done to 100% completion. Not 98%, but to 100% done. Now go to the next important priority.
Ask, what can I do, once completed, that will have the biggest impact and benefit on my life, this very day? List them, say 7 vital, impactful things to get done this day. These are usually the things you avoid the most. Too often, better said most often, you do the things that create a lot of activity, but little or no productivity. “Produce: Don’t just be busy.”
Get the difficult things, the unpleasant things, those things you avoid doing first, immediately, to a final completion, and this will release endorphins, and surge energy throughout your entire self, that will build on itself, create momentum: And momentum is earned. And momentum is what makes and creates the important things in your life to get accomplished, to appear in your physical reality.
I bet you know this. But are you doing it. Are you writing down your 7 day goals, the 7 things in order of priority that (when done) will have the greatest compound effect on your life, on your way to your larger goals and dreams and things that are burning in your heart to achieve?
What great thing can you do, broken up into small bite sizes, broken up into manageable tasks, when completed will have the greatest impact on creating an amazing life?
In business, what is the most important thing you can do? Create more revenue. Your focus is to get new clients and keep those clients. — According to Brian Tracy.
But the part that is absolutely the most important, top # 1 task, is to get new clients, set up blocks of time to do this today. And that is the part most avoid? Why? Because it has to do with acquiring, prospecting, meeting new people, and making something actually happen. It isn’t that easy to do, but it is the most rewarding thing to make happen.
Do this and you win in business. Break it up into “The 7 Day Chunk.” How many calls are you going to do, emails sent, texts sent today? How many new people are you going to go out and meet? How much income do you project (do you predict) to happen in the next 7 days, this very week? And the better you get in business, the better you become in predicting and making that prediction happen. Why? Because of your focused effort, writing down the right priorities, and getting busy accomplishing them, doing the highest and most valuable things right now.
When you finally agree and believe you are in charge of generating revenues for your company, that all your activities should be tied to this, you will see the results. You will make things happen. And then all other things will “become easier or unnecessary.”
List the top 7 things you will accomplish this day. Now begin on the biggest, most scary one. As Brian Tracy would say, “Eat the biggest, ugliest frog first.”
Humanity, not just me or you, loves to do the activities that are easy and avoids the activities (often seeming difficult) that are paramount to success.
“Do the thing and you will have the power.” — Emerson.
Once you have completed # 1, go to # 2, and then finish that one. And if it takes you all week to do the 7 of your highest valued tasks, the most important things to get done this week, then so be it.
If you finish them all, do another list of 7. Or start over on doing more of #1.
Too often we all do what is easy, we do the things that do not matter, and wonder why we are so frustrated, why things are going so slow, not getting done.
It is time this week, in the next 7 days, to accomplish important, vital things that get results, pushing you closer to your bigger dreams, the bigger achievements that you know you want to do, attain, and show up in your real physical world.
You know what you should be doing; now begin to do and get these things done. Get the desired results. Exercise your sheer will and never give up until they are completed; this creates the superior life, the meaningful existence.
And then you absolutely realize the real power you have, and the impact you have on any aspect of your life.

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